About museum

On December 23,1997, the cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan adopted a special resolution “On celebrations of the 545th anniversary of eminent artist Kamoliddin Behzad” the resolution resulted in the establishment of Kamoliddin Behzad museum park.

The mission of the museum – is to explore and promote  Kamoliddin Behzad  and his followers’ and eastern miniatures artistic heritage, to introduce the art of miniature, calligraphy, technology of creating, the organization of national and international scientific and practical conference devoted to specific scientific problems of decorative-applied and fine art, through works of art to form in the mind of the younger generation a sense of respect and reverence to the national and universal values, historical and cultural heritage, to arouse the feeling of love and devotion to the homeland.

In museum collection have copies of miniatures belonging to Kamoliddin Behzad , samples of Uzbek modern miniatures which have been created in the style of well-known miniature schools as Bukhara, Samarkand, Herat, Tabriz and Isfahan. Copies of manuscripts and lithographs that have been written by master of calligraphy in handwriting style of “Suls”, “nash”, “nastalik” and decorated with miniatures, cover sheets, beautiful ornaments by famous artist of miniature are important fount for the study of the history of the eastern art. Among the manuscripts and lithographs there are rare examples of which serve an important resource in the development of science and study of the XII, XV-XX centuries history of printing manuscripts.

Museum’s collection include the manuscripts of Imam al-Ghazzali “Kimyoi saodat”,“Ihya Ulum ad-din”, Khusain Voiz Kashifi’s book “Ahloqi muhsini”, Burhaniddin Margioni’s valuable  manuscripts “Hidoya”,”Siyari sharif” XVII-century, richly decorated manuscripts of Khadja Ubaydulla Akhrar’s teacher Yokub Charhi, a valuable manuscript of the XII century by Abubakir ibn Muhammad Abdus-sayloniy “Najot uz-zokirin”, Mevlana Khovandshah Kheravi’s manuscript “Ravzat us-safo”, divan’s by Alisher Navoi, Khaviza Sherazi,Mirzo Bedil,Sheikh Saadi, Muhammad Fuzuli, Djalaladdin Rumi, Shamsiddin Tabrizi’s manuscript “Kulliyoti Shams Tabriz”. The museum contains the manuscripts belonging to the XIIcentury “Favoid al-Ziyoiya” (about arabic grammar), “ History of Kaboil al-arab” XIV century ( History of Arab tribes). In the manuscripts have information about the name and the history of tribes in graphical and content form.It is an important source for study of the Arab generation.

The museum has a copy of the letter written by Kamoliddin Behzad  to his student Kasim Ali, this letter had been given by library “Asian community” (India)